We are a fun-loving design agency that specializes in helping businesses tell their brand/story through design that works.

The work we do ensures that your brand provides you with the visual story you need through your interiors and any images we can create (graphic design) in your space – our favourite is custom wallpaper.

Our designs work – they are geared to providing you with an optimized client and employee experience. We are passionate about working with businesses, whether they’re small or medium sized, and whether they’re new or looking to refresh their image.

How we help You

Graphic Elements

  • Business cards
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Virtual backgrounds

Interior Spaces

  • Home Offices
  • Corporate Offices
  • Floor planning
  • Wall graphics

Custom Wallpaper

  • Patterns
  • Murals

Complimentary Call

Our work with you begins with a chat so we can answer any of your questions, and so we an better understand your needs, scope of work

Design Workshop

Your brand is a key starting point for your design. This workshop provides us (and you!) with an in-depth understanding of your company, your audience, future needs and your design aesthetics, so that we can come up with the best options for you.

office design

Design Package

This is where we put the pedal to the metal.

We’ve got Your Back – the Virtual World

The way we live & work has changed. If you’re working from home, what’s behind you might not reflect you the way you’d want. While there are many virtual backgrounds to choose from, you should select one that reflects your brand!

Good things come to those who sign up – let us send you our free backgrounds to best reflect your business. Or, contact us for us to create one specifically for you!

About Us

Allison and Rochelle

Allison & Rochelle, sisters and best friends.
One night over dinner the two decided to combine their many interests and create a business that would excite them and their clients. Their business evolved in ways that excited them, and they’re now proud to present Alley Row Designs. Incorporating corporate design, experience design, marketing and leveraging brand concepts, Alley Row Designs looks forward to helping with your next project.